WordPress Development

Build a Website without Coding

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. It is used by over 60 million people and is the most popular content management system platform in the World.

Although WordPress websites can be built by a non-designer and developer, these tend to be the most simplistic designs with limited features. To make the most of what WordPress has to offer, you will require WordPress development services initially, as the off-the-shelf themes are limited in terms of features and customisation options.

However, once the coding and styling rules have been created and/or configured, you can go on to update your website content with whatever you require and whenever you want.

Transfer existing website to WordPress

Many businesses still use static websites. This is a fine solution for businesses who do not want to add new content frequently or write regular blog posts. On the rare occasions when a business wants to add new content they have to pay someone to edit the code. Rebuilding your website in WordPress is a smart option if you would like to handle website editing yourself or start blogging.

The benefits of switching to WordPress are:

  • Add your own content.
  • Manage a News or Blog page.
  • Run an online shop using the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Add website functionality using WordPress plugins.
  • Better manage SEO on your website.

If this sounds appealing then I can perform the heavy lifting of rebuilding your existing website in WordPress. You will then be able to add your own content and not have to worry about paying a designer to update your webpages.

Why use WordPress?

Manage your own website

From the WordPress admin dashboard you can easily add pages, blog posts and content.

You aren’t restricted to paragraphs of text either. If you want to add images to your website you can. WordPress will allow you to crop the image and give it a name.

Add functionality using plugins

You can add features to your website by installing plugins from the vast WordPress plugin library.

Sometimes you will not need to pay someone like me to get a feature you want.

Custom functionality

There are features you may wish to add to your website but you are finding WordPress doesn’t allow it or you can’t find a suitable plugin? Additional functionality can probably be added.

You may want to add something other than posts, pages, images and text. Perhaps custom menus that allow you to add a portfolio image, heading and description. You just need a WordPress developer to add features that don’t exist out of the box. That’s me!

Monitor Google Search performance

WordPress is useful if you want to monitor your content for SEO compliance due to the range of SEO plugins available on the platform and the ability to adjust URL paths to fit with SEO best practice.

It’s free

WordPress is provided with an open-source license. This means it is free to use and will always be free. The only costs involved is paying a developer to build your theme. Designing and developing websites is what I do best.

eCommerce using WordPress

It is possible to run an online shop on WordPress. Supplementing the WordPress installation with the WooCommerce add-on will provide your business with a fully featured shop.

The easiest way to implement payments is via PayPal. This is also a great option when using your website on mobile phones as it adds an additional layer of security.