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Website Design

Before coding a website, it is helpful to design the look and feel of your website in a graphical application. This allows you to instruct me to make tweaks to the design, so that we have a picture of what you want before the website gets built. This design can either be applicable to a static website build or a WordPress website.

I can also provide designs without the website development service if that is what you require. There may be occasions where you simply want a design without the website development service. For example, you are a coder or have an in-house developer for your business. I am happy to create the design mock-up and allow you to deal with the development yourself.

Designing is a collaborative process. I will ask for your feedback and we can make any tweaks to the existing design.

Think of a web designer much like a desktop publisher, rather than a graphics designer. We create layouts that attract customers because the information about your business is presented clearly to website visitors.

Website Development

I develop static websites for business. A static website is a website that you would add all the content to when it is initially built and then rarely (or never) add content to again. You would need a developer to add more content.

This type of website is all that some small businesses require. Unless you plan on writing blog posts or updating your website frequently then this type of website is the most suitable. It’s the fastest type of website as it requires no database back-end, which is good for users and for keeping your web hosting costs lower. You also do not have to worry about WordPress upgrades causing incompatibilities with your theme and plugins.

If you would like a WordPress website you can read more about the WordPress development service I offer.

All websites I create are responsive. This simply means that no matter the device you use to view your website, it will always adjust to display correctly on that device.

Flexible Options

I offer a full design and development service where I take an initial brief from which I create a website design, then code this website from start to finish.

However, you may already have a design that you require a developer to turn into a quality website. I am happy to work with your provided design.

Alternatively, you may not have a design but you want to code the website yourself. I can provide you with a design and leave the rest up to you.

The designs I offer can be applied to any website technology; the choice is up to you. However, for the coding services I offer, I work either with static websites or WordPress. This offers the greatest flexibility for small businesses. I can advise which option would be best for you.

Whether you require a complex, bespoke website or something simpler; you will be provided a quality, responsive website that works seamlessly across all screen sizes that will promote your business.

My Methodology


Stage 1

Before any work begins on the web design, I will discuss your requirements with you and assemble a proposal which will highlight the scope of the project.

This includes

  • Identification of industry competitors
  • Website requirements
  • Project timescale
  • Project cost and schedule of payments

Usually, I will agree on a payment schedule at various project milestones. After Content creation (if I’ve edited/created content), after the Design stage, after the Development and Testing stage, and final fee prior to Launch, plus web hosting payments if you want me to take care of hosting. Additionally, ongoing support and a payment plan for this can be agreed.


Stage 2

Copywriting should be performed before the website design. Usually, clients will know better than I the content you want on your website. However, I can edit any text you provide to ensure it meets SEO specifications. This gives your website a boost in Google search rankings.

You might already have content in company brochures, photography, videography and other marketing materials. These can be adapted for use on your business website.


Stage 3

Using information gathered in the Strategy and Content collection stages, I will design your website. Depending on whether or not you are using a pre-made WordPress theme or static site template, this may include.

  • Site Map.
  • Wireframes.
  • Website prototype/mock-up.


Stage 4

When I have received a signed, written agreement to confirm the satisfactory completion of the design stage, I will begin development of a website to the agreed design.


Stage 5

Each website is continually tested during development. However, I perform a comprehensive, methodical testing regime prior to launch.

Some of the key areas I test are:

  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Responsive mobile compatibility.
  • Functional tests. E.g. Interactive elements such as contact forms and links.
  • Security of code.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.

I am happy to give you access to the website and get feedback at this stage. Content changes and minor website style adjustments are fine, but please remember the website you now have was agreed at the design stage. Wholesale changes are not possible without payment up until this point and a new deal being agreed.

Think of it like this; You wouldn’t install a new kitchen and immediately afterwards you ask the fitter to replace it with something else.


Stage 6

You now decide on a domain name; the name you type into your browser to reach a website. E.g. www.google.com. You can either arrange this yourself if you are technically competent or let me handle web hosting, for which you would pay a monthly fee.

Usually, clients will let me handle hosting, particularly with WordPress websites as transferring these from a test environment to a live server can be quite a complex process for the inexperienced.

When the website is live, I will once again check the functional elements of the website. Such as ensuring the contact form is sending messages to you.


Stage 7

Not every client wants a hand-on approach to maintaining their website and webpages. I can provide ongoing content copywriting/editing and technical support services. Usually charged separately for each task performed. Plus, web hosting maintenance if you chose that option.

Essentially I want to make sure my clients are:

  • Happy with the website.
  • Happy with the support.
  • Happy to use my expertise in the future.

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