Promote your business website the right way using SEO

Achieving a high position in Google Search listings should be an aim of all businesses who want to be successful. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

SEO is a bit of a black art. By its very nature, it never produces instant results, but it is a crucial part of increasing your website and business’s online visibility.

With planning and medium to the long-term effort, you can push your website higher up the Google rankings and this means more income for you.

There are many factors that influence page rank. So let’s take a quick look at them.

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On-Page SEO

You can influence page rankings in Google by performing certain tasks on your own website. This starts with content copywriting. Writing good quality, appealing content will improve your position in search listings. If you are writing blog articles then you must make them interesting and engaging.

The correct use of keywords, keyword density, e.g. how frequently they appear, and exactly where they appear in your page structure will influence page rank.

Additionally, it’s important to correctly format and structure content. You may have written an article that is informative and interesting but taken in the context of SEO. It might be achieving nothing to boost your rankings.

Essentially, on-page search engine optimisation is all about promoting your brand, promoting your business, encouraging visitors to read and by extension, retaining website visitors.

Off-Page SEO

Ensuring your website is listed on Business directories correctly. Yes, it is possible to list your business incorrectly, at least in terms of search engine compliance.

Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. The quality and frequency of these links tell Google your website is popular and on topic. Beware the charlatans that will sell you Black Hat SEO techniques and offer you thousands of backlinks from dubious websites for a one-off fee. Google considers these as cheating and will consequently drop your position in the search listings. There no cheat code to top search listings, no matter what anyone tells you. I know, I’ve tried. Shame on me.

Social Media

This is also an extension of off-page SEO. Promoting your website content on social media can help boost your outreach. A logical plan for what to share, how often you should share, and on what social media platforms, is an important Google ranking factor for your business.

Website Coded for SEO

There are coding techniques for websites and WordPress themes that are compliant with SEO best practice. When I make a website I always implement the HTML markup correctly. The HTML website structure will be designed with SEO in mind, whilst still retaining a fluid mobile experience.

SEO is the above and so much more

In addition to the above, a good SEO strategy will also look at:

  • Domain authority
  • URL formatting
  • Image optimisation

I can advise on your SEO strategy, manage it for you, and present you with a plan that will hopefully help you understand a complex topic and improve your business outreach.