Everyone has a mini computer in their pocket. The mobile phone. This is where most of your website traffic comes from nowadays. As a result, you really require a responsive mobile website for your business. A ‘Mobile First‘ online experience is of paramount importance.

When I develop your website, I first code it for the smallest popular mobile screen size and expand up to the largest screens. Essentially, I am designing and developing multiple websites for varying screen sizes. This guarantees a beautiful experience no matter the device your website is being viewed upon. This is responsive mobile design.

Responsive mobile screens Ask About Mobile Design

Responsive website design

I can construct a mobile-friendly website for your business. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of every website I design.

No matter the platform your website is running on, I can ensure it’s responsive.

Responsive WordPress website

WordPress is no different from any other website. It has to be optimised for mobile. Every WordPress theme I create is mobile responsive.

With WordPress you also get the added benefit of using a CMS, allowing you to update your website yourself.

Mobile Online shop

Using the industry-leading WooCommerce for WordPress supplemental software, I can create an online shop.

PayPal is usually the best method of payments on WooCommerce. it’s free to integrate with WooCommerce and works great on mobile devices.

Add Mobile responsiveness to an existing website

You already have a website. You like how it looks on your laptop or desktop computer. However, it’s almost unusable on your phone.

It’s possible to code mobile responsive design into your existing website. Sometimes it’s easier to build the website from scratch with mobile in mind. Occasionally, altering existing code and mark-up is easier. I’ll analyse your website and let you know the best way to implement a responsive design.

Monitoring website viewing habits

It’s possible to discover what device your website visitors are browsing your website with, using Google Analytics.

If you find that your website isn’t getting many visitors, or they are not staying and looking through your site. it’s entirely possible this is because of a poor mobile experience, which affects search engine optimisation.

I can make use of the Analytics results and ensure your website is coded to a high standard and is lightweight enough to render fast on mobile.