Content Editing

The Importance of Quality Content

An often overlooked aspect of web design is the content on page. The content is probably more important than flashy designs and features. Quality content informs visitors to your website about your services and should be clear and concise.

Content should not only be well-written but it should also be worded in a style that helps with search engine rankings. You may think you have content that is written perfectly and it would be if it was written for a print publication. However, it may need some editing to make it suitable for publication on a website.

I offer a content editing service, where I will read through content you provide and make modifications based on Website content good practices for search engine optimisation. I do not write content for websites from scratch. This is simply because you know more about your speciality than me, so the client is always best placed to write the initial draught.

Having the textual content prepared before the design of the website has even begun, helps with the overall style and professionalism of your website. We can choose imagery to match the text and give the website a thoughtful, integrated feel that your website visitors will appreciate.

What Can Properly Constructed Content Achieve?

  • Raise search engine ranking position
  • Boost visitor numbers
  • Inform your potential clients
  • Increase sales
  • Add credibility to your business
  • Display your expertise