How Technology Can Increase Your Business Profits


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You want your business to make money and save money where it can. But how can you achieve this? It is possible to use technology to your advantage and I am going to offer you a quick guide on how technology can increase your business profits.

Linux OS Can Save Your Business Money

Every business uses computers. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system on these computers. But each computer requires a license. Large corporations will use site licenses.

Many design and creative agencies use Apple Macs. This brings additional costs for hardware as Apple usually charges more for equivalent PC hardware. There is no good reason for design agencies to use Apple products. I think many agencies choose Apple as a badge of honour, rather than practicality.

What if you could pay nothing for you Operating system? That’s where Linux comes in. There are many different distributions of Linux but a good choice for businesses would the Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) edition. These are stable products with 5 years guaranteed updates. Provided you do not require software that is only available on Windows or Mac then Linux is ideal.

Open-Source Software Reduces Licensing Costs

Software can be a huge expense for your business. Particularly subscription software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite. But do you really need to pay a subscription? You most certainly do not. I use the Affinity suite for designing websites, manipulating photography and creating illustrations. Both Affinity Design and Photo can be bought on sale for £39 each for a lifetime license. A great deal!

However, if you really want to pay nothing then open source software is they way to go. If you are running A linux OS then much of this software can be easily installed for free with the built in package managers that some on all Linux operating system.

For designers, Krita, Inkscape and Synfig Studio are good choices to get started. These replace the Adobe Suite and do not cost a penny. But there are so many software applications to choose from that you can find suitable products for any type of business.

Basic Android Mobile Phones are Cheaper

Paying £800 for an Apple iPhone or a top of the range Android phone. Why? Unless you are playing the latest games on it then you do not need it.

Many companies will sells a range of quality phones for under £200. Motorola sell a fantastic range direct to UK consumers. Xiaomi and other Chinese companies are also worth considering. You tend to get better hardware for less cost.

Blog Using a WordPress Business Website as it’s Free

As well as cutting costs on hardware, you want to attract clients to your business. A blog on your business website is the best way of attracting web visitors.

Google crawls websites to check if they are releasing content. Websites that are releasing valuable content on a regular basis climb the Google rankings. If you can make it on to the first page of Google ranking then more people are going to see your website and if your website looks professional enough, you can convert those visitors to paying clients.

Professionally Designed Website Attracts Clients

You really should have a professionally designed and coded website. It’s not really enough to run a basic website that looks like it was made in the early 2000s. If you want your business to be taken seriously and gain more clients you have to look professional.

Too many people post a link to their business to a local business group on Facebook and think that is all they have to do online. I guess Facebook has plenty of cash to throw at that particular marketing scam. How many people would actually look on Facebook if they needed a plumber, for example? I know I would immediately search on Google for a plumber with a professionally designed website, not Facebook. Also, not forgetting that many people do not look at Facebook or even have an account.

A website is still the first port of call for prospective clients. If you look amateur on your website, or worse, do not have one at all, then customers will be discouraged from contacting you. That is why when I discuss how technology can increase your business profits, a professional website tops the list.


I actually follow the suggestions I’ve made on here myself. I run Manjaro Linux (requires slightly more tech know-how than Ubuntu LTS) on a development PC, I use open source software and the Affinity suite. I use a cheap-ish mobile phone. Obviously, I built my own business website, which saves me money. I also blog, as you can obviously see from reading this page. If it works for me then it can work for you.


  1. Linux OS Can Save Your Business Money
  2. Open Source Software Reduces Licensing Costs
  3. Basic Android Mobile Phones are Cheaper
  4. Blog Using a WordPress Business Website as it’s Free
  5. Professionally Designed Website Attracts Clients