Running a Live Web Server on a Raspberry Pi from Home

The Raspberry Pi 4 is powerful enough to run a web server to host multiple websites. At least the 8Gb version is. That’s the version I use for this very purpose. As a web designer and developer, I like to host my own websites on my own server. You can find lots of articles which give you bits and bobs of how to setup a web server but this guide is specifically tailored to guide you through not only the server setup – including Apache, MySQL, PHP, virtual hosts configuration and WordPress installation. But also how to configure your web hosting domain, home router and dynamic DNS, in this complete guide to running a live web server on a Raspberry Pi from home.

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Do You Need a Website Designer or Developer (Or Both)?

If you are planning a project to create a new website -whether that be for personal use or business- but you do not have the skills to make the website yourself, what sort of experts do you require? Do you need a website designer or developer (or both)?

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Why You Need a Website Redesign

In this article, I am going to explain the reasons I have for why you need a website redesign. These are some of the more common reasons and are primarily aimed at business owners. I generally work with small businesses, so a lot of what I say here comes from my experience of working with small businesses.

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Business Website or a Facebook Page

Over the past few years, more small businesses and sole traders have made the decision to try and save money by not making a website for their business, and instead, creating a business page on Facebook. This can seem like a good idea to get your name known locally but what is the better option? A business website or a Facebook page.

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Benefits of Hiring a Remote Freelance Web Designer

You want a new website. You have to choose who will design and develop your website. Do you go with a freelancer or an agency? Do they both offer the same services? These are probably some of the questions going through your head and you are unsure where to start. I am going to try and help you decide and give you a guide on the benefits of hiring a remote freelance web designer.

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