Web design and development. Plus, SEO and copywriting digital marketing solutions.

Who Am I?

Ian Morrison, a web designer and web developer based in Scotland. I can help you establish a professional web presence, to enable you to gain clients and greater profits. I provide a full design agency service to established small businesses, startups and sole traders.

I'm an established freelancer since 2017, with 20 years working in the I.T. sector, where I created websites and secure online systems for academia. I can assist you with Web design, WordPress websites, static websites, eCommerce, site transfers, porting existing websites to CMS's, and technical SEO.


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Web design & development

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WordPress development

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SEO & online marketing

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Why choose me?

I do all the work you would expect from a full web design agency, but as I am a freelance designer and developer, I am able to offer competitive pricing in comparison to a larger digital agency. However, most websites can take between 4 weeks to 4 months to design and code, so expect pricing to reflect this.

There are many different roles a web design company performs. From designing a layout of your business website, coding that website,and SEO to improve traffic to your site.

I mainly work on the WordPress platform but that is because of its popularity. Most clients want a WordPress website. However, as I understand how to code, I do not churn out amateurish, pre-made templates with a logo placed on top.

If you have an existing WordPress site that doesn’t have the functionality you require, I can help you with that. Additionally, You may want a website that isn’t based on WordPress.

I have experience building static, BootStrap, ASP.Net (C#), PHP, and JavaScript websites, and hybrid mobile apps using JavaScript. So, contact me via the form on the contact page, or phone me. I’ll give you an honest appraisal of your project and inform you whether it’s within my skill-set.

Any project I make for you will result in a responsive website or app. This means your website will work on all screen sizes. You won’t get penalised by Google Search for having a website that functions poorly when you view it on a phone or tablet.

Additionally, I can take care of your website hosting. If you prefer to host it yourself, I can provide you with the completed product once final payment has been received and and leave the rest to you.

I am based in Ayrshire, Scotland, UK, but the beauty of working in the digital field is that I can provide Worldwide services in addition to services for local business. My business is a fully-remote service. As long as we can communicate via email, phone or Skype, we can work together.

Now that you’ve read my business waffle, why not check out the rest of my website. Look at some of the projects I have worked on. Take a closer look at my services. If you like what you see then please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.



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Ayrshire College Foundation

Platform: HTML5/CSS3/PHP


Scott Johnston FCCA

Platform: PHP/CSS/HTML/JS/jQuery


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